Meat, Milkshake and Mahogany

It’s working again! For some reason, I haven’t been able to get into my blog for months, but I just tried again and I have succeeded!

I have wanted to write this particular post for a while, as it represents social media at its best. Social media gets a lot of bad press – often rightly so – but it has many advantages. For me, this was exemplified about 18 months ago now when my friend and I received a Facebook message from a couple of old school friends whom we hadn’t seen for 8 years. “Hello fellow foodies!” was how the message began. Apparently my excessive food-related content on social media had caught their eye and led them to get in touch. Since then, we have together enjoyed many food-centred catch-ups, one of the most memorable of which being at Hawksmoor. Although we initially intended to experience one of their famous breakfasts in Guildhall, tricky scheduling meant that this wasn’t possible, and so we settled instead for lunch in their Seven Dials branch.
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Augustus Harris, Covent Garden

Good Italian food is one of the things that makes me happiest in the whole world. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time in various places in Italy over the past few years, and each time, my taste buds are well and truly pampered. So in London I’m always on the lookout for a really good Italian place that evokes memories of such times. Last week, I was introduced to Augustus Harris in Covent Garden; it’s not a restaurant per se – rather a wine bar serving antipasti and cicchetti – but my family and I ordered enough off the menu to make it a perfectly acceptable dinner. Continue reading

China Teacups and Hot Scones

I’m ashamed to say that so big is the influence of social media on my food-related life, that I rarely visit an eatery unless I have checked it out first on Instagram and/or TripAdvisor. In fact, most places that I go to are a result of having stumbled upon them in the virtual world and thereupon adding it to The List. The eating establishment featured in this post, however, was never added to The List, because I had never heard of it until I stumbled upon it (physically speaking this time). And you know how they say that those unexpected finds are the most special? Well this most definitely applies to Candella in Kensington. Continue reading

The hottest cakes in town

Being on my Easter holidays, I have decided to use that to my advantage by ticking off a long-standing item on my ever-expanding to-do list; that is, writing a blog post. And I’m afraid it’s going to be another brunch post.

In times of desperate procrastination, I can regularly be found trawling through various ‘London’s Best Brunches’ articles and posts to add to my own list of places to visit, and one eatery that rarely fails to make the lists is Australian chef Bill Granger’s baby, Granger & Co. It is famed mainly for 2 particular brunch dishes: ricotta hotcakes and their unique scrambled eggs. Continue reading

They Sashimi Rollin’ in Camden

ARGH! I haven’t posted for 3 months! But I’ve just had an urge to write because it’s that or lesson planning and I can’t face anymore work-related necessities right now. So to switch off my brain from NQT life I am choosing to refocus it on food. I was going to write about another brunch place, because brunch is often at the forefront of my mind, but I shall instead cover a cuisine I have not before written about on this blog. That cuisine is Japanese, and more specifically sushi. Continue reading

A Fusion of Flavours


It took a recent PGCE lecture on teaching English to make me realise just quite how much I adore brunch, and in particular, eggs. The lecture was specifically about teaching poetry, during which it was asked of us to try and write our own poetry. I completely and utterly failed to generate any sort of creativity, until we were given the title ‘Weekend’ and suddenly inspiration struck! Images of sunny mornings and runny yolks bounced immediately into my mind, and the following Wordsworthian-style verse rolled off the tip of my pen: Continue reading

Under The Streets Of Soho

It has been too long since I posted a bar review. When it comes to bars, I either completely forget to take any photos, or there isn’t much clarity in my memory of them. Basement Sate is an exception; I remembered to take photos AND it was a school night so I wasn’t drinking much.

My reason for going to Basement Sate, an underground cocktail bar in Soho’s Broadwick Street, was to watch my sister do a gig there, so we rocked up as a family to support her singing, whilst seeing what tipples they had to offer. From the outside, you wouldn’t even know a bar is there; in fact I walked past it a couple of times trying to find it, as a tiny plaque to the side of the door is the extent of their signage. Being typically Soho, the more prominent plaque in the centre of the door is the following: Continue reading

The Best Sandwich. Over and Out.

I’ve just finished planning a lesson about mould and designing an investigation on the best conditions for growing mould, so for once food wasn’t on my mind. Until my uncle sent me a WhatsApp a few minutes ago with pictures of a jamón ibérico deli on the Strand. Now food is very much back at the forefront of the mind.

Spanish jamón ibérico, serrano, and Italian prosciutto crudo are examples of why life is worth living. That perfect combination of salty sweetness that melts in your mouth as you suck every ounce of flavour from it (yes I’m still talking about ham, get those dirty thoughts out of your head), is incomparable. Continue reading

Angus the Scottish Reindeer (who ended up on my plate in between a brioche bun)

Usually I don’t get round to blogging about somewhere until a good few months after I went to the place, however today I am breaking from tradition. Let’s call it preparation for a new super-efficient and uber-organised Emma for 2016. For I visited Mac and Wild less than 24 hours ago. The place had a real winter vibe about it so I figured it’s more appropriate to post about it now than a few months down the line when we’re in spring (I have in my mind images of sun and flowers, as if rain and cold weather doesn’t feature in a British spring. Perhaps a less-deluded Emma needs to also be a target for 2016). Continue reading

Vegetarians Turn Away Now


I’ve recently been trying to clear some space on my phone, most of which is taken up with photos. Photos of food, unsurprisingly. The reason I take these photos in the first place (albeit rather self-consciously when in a public place because I don’t want people to think I’m a pretentious food blogger) is either to gloat to my sister about what I just ate, post to Instagram because that’s what one does these days, or write a blog post about the place from which the photos were taken. The photos accompanying this post have now been used for all 3 of those purposes, so I feel I have got good value from them.

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